TATE.NEWS – A Project to Ignite Minds, set brush fires of freedom in the minds of men. (Sam Adams)

Dear Andrew and Tristan,

Imagine channeling your wealth into a project that transcends financial gains. TATE.NEWS is an opportunity for both of you to leverage your immense resources and expertise to awaken minds. With your amazing financial success, this venture is not about the money but a shared vision to revolutionize how people perceive and engage with the news. TATE.NEWS can be the Drudge Report that never sold out.

By creating TATE.NEWS, you will continue to influence public discourse, promote critical thinking, and reshape the narrative. This endeavor goes beyond financial success; it’s about destroying the satanic New World Order and winning the INFOWAR.

TATE.NEWS can be the greatest beacon of truth in an era clouded by the CIA run Media (Operation Mockingbird). This news aggregator website can deepen your fans’ understanding of the New World Order and encourage them to do something to stop the Great Reset. Your commitment to this cause can serve as an inspiration, proving that individuals with the means can contribute significantly to societal enlightenment.

Please contact me to buy TATE.NEWS, either through X DMs or @ [email protected]

Thank you for everything both of you have done in the INFOWAR, The Alex Jones Show woke me up when I was 13, in 2015, and eventually led me to you,