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Delayed, Coming once Rumble Shorts are released


Thank you all for watching the videos, I thought this was going to last a week but its been 16 months – Last Updated 3/5/23

Total Views: 313,567,658 (lowest possible calculation its way higher)

Platform…..| Views |

INFOWARS.| 276 Million | 4 Million Views Per AJSHOW (closer to 5-8) times 44 (more like 60 I didn’t save them all) clip appearances + Ye (100M)

Twitter……..| 20 Million Views |

TikTok……..| 11 Million Views | Started this because AJ clips started getting taken down so quickly, also the reason I started Tucker Clips

Gettr………..| 3.6 Million Views |

YouTube….| 1.7 Million Views |

Rumble……| 513,467 Views |

Bitcute…….| 54,191 Views |


Tucker Carlson & Jimmy Dore Rant 1 – 25-30 Million Views, first clip on Joe Rogan

Alex Jones’ Giant War In February Prediction – 12-15 Million Views

Tucker Carlson & Jimmy Dore Rant Part 2 – 2 Million Views

If you want me to do this full time please go to thank you all for sharing, all glory goes to The LORD our God Jesus Christ